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Becoming Involved

The involvement of parents at The Small School is central to our educational philosophy and is one of our six core guiding principles. Parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved where and when they can in a range of meaningful ways.


The purpose of parental involvement is to develop a shared learning space which helps children to make connections between home and school life and to bring as much understanding as possible between parents and teachers about a child’s education.

There are a number of ways to get involved ranging from informal to formal involvement.

Mornings at The Small School

Parents are welcome to spend time at the school in the kitchen/dining area (and elsewhere) in the mornings. The school is open and supervision for children is available from 8.15am. The school day formally begins at 9am with Circle Time. Parents are welcome to make a cup of tea or coffee between 8.15 and 9am in the kitchen where they can spend time with staff and other parents or spend additional time with their child while they settle in for the day.

Parents are also welcome to participate in Circle Time, beginning at 9am and ending at 9.20am. Parents who wish to stay beyond 9.20 need to organise this with the School Manager. Parents can stay on at the school during the day as volunteers or just to spend more time with their child if their child is having trouble settling in. Except when there is special event on at the school, a maximum of three (3) parents can stay at the school or be rostered on the volunteer roster on any one day.

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Mornings at The Small School

Parent Volunteers


Parents are welcome to stay at the school during the day and the parameters of this will be worked out between staff and the individual parent. Where a child is having trouble settling in to school parents are particularly encouraged to spend time at the school while the relationship between the school and the family grows, allowing the child to feel safe. Space will be available for parents to work from the school if needed, usually this will include space to work from a lap top but could include other types of work, space permitting, in the Art Room or Dining Room.

Parents can volunteer to assist in the garden, kitchen or classroom via the Volunteer Roster which is coordinated by the School Manager. Parents can create educational offerings to share with the children or visit to talk about aspects of their work. All parent volunteers must have a current Working with Children Check and complete an induction session with the School Manager or delegate. (See Child Protection Policy and Procedure for further details).

Contact with the Board/Sub-Committees


The Small School is a public company with Directors and members. The school is governed by a Board of Directors who have qualifications and/or expertise in education, finance and/or governance. Any parent can approach the Board to seek assistance, answer a question or make a suggestion. In most cases this is done via the School Manager. Parents can make suggestions about projects they would like to undertake and seek approval from the Board to form a working sub-committee under the direction of the Board.

Members and Directors of the Board


Expression of Interest forms are available for any person with qualifications and/or expertise in education, finance and/or governance who is interested in applying to be a Director of the School Board. Similarly, membership forms are available for parents interested in becoming members of the school company.

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