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If you are interested in enrolling your child/ren at The Small School please fill in an Expression of Interest form. The Small School is offering Kindergarten to Year 8 in 2023. Families are invited to make enquiries about enrolling at the school at any time. 

The Small School’s guiding principles and broader educational philosophy need to be understood and carefully read by parents and carers so that they can gauge if the school represents a good match for themselves and their child. We believe when families appreciate and support these principles that the foundation is created for a good match between a child/family and our school.



Enrolment Process


Firstly, parents are asked to read the educational philosophy and guiding principles on the website.

Submit an Expression of Interest

Complete an Expression of Interest form through our website. Upon receiving this, the school will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the next step. You should expect an email acknowledgment of your form within a few days. If you don't receive an email, please check your spam folder.


After receiving your Expression of Interest form we will contact you to arrange a visit and tour with the Principal.

Enrolment Application Form

An Enrolment Application Form will be provided to you after your visit.


Attend an interview with the Principal and/or classroom teacher.

Further detail about the enrolment process is contained in The Small School’s Enrolment Policy for Families.

Download our 

full prospectus here:

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