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Combined-Age Setting

The Small School will have a combined-age setting in varying degrees across the Learning Program. There will be broad scope for mixing age groups across the school in Frames 2 and 3 of the Learning Program. Frame 1 will be delivered separately to the different stage groups of children. Although teachers will modify or extend material commensurate to a child’s capacity and interest, blending stage groups as required.

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Teachers’ ability to deliver the curriculum with this kind of flexibility allows for a wider spectrum of abilities which is not defined by age.


The combined-age setting at The Small School is also an important part of the school culture we wish to create. Older students are involved in helping to care for younger students and younger students benefit from the role modelling they receive from older students. Mixing age groups helps to create a broader range of friendships. It also contributes to our non-competitive culture as expectations of skills and abilities are less age-based.

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