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If you are interested in enrolling your child/ren at The Small School for 2021, or you'd like to go on the waiting list for 2022 and beyond, please fill in an Expression of Interest form. The Small School is offering Kindy to Year 6 in 2021. 

The Small School’s guiding principles and broader educational philosophy need to be understood and carefully read by parents and carers so that they can gauge if the school represents a good match for themselves and their child. This is the foremost consideration in the enrolment process. We believe when families appreciate and support these principles that the foundation is created for a good match between a child/family and our school.


Families are invited to make enquiries about enrolling at the school at any time. If the school has a waiting list this will be posted on the website. Upon making contact, families will be directed to the website where they can download a copy of the prospectus or a hard copy can be mailed to them.

Interested parents are asked to engage with the following enrolment process:


Firstly, parents are asked to thoroughly read the educational philosophy and guiding principles,contained in the Prospectus or on the website.


Attend the school either through a school event, held several times throughout the year where parents and children can spend time in the school, have a tour and talk to staff or where no events are scheduled, take a tour of the school with the School Manager. School events include open days, play groups and visits from local preschools. These will be advertised on our website. If no events are scheduled, parents should contact the School Manager on 0429627161 to arrange a tour.


If, after reading the prospectus and visiting the school, parents would like to go on the waiting list for 2021, they should complete the Expression of Interest Form, available here on the school’s website or in hard copy upon request.


Attend an interview with the School Manager.

Further detail about the enrolment process is contained in The Small School’s Enrolment Policy for Families.

Download our 

full prospectus here: