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The Small School has sufficient private car parking to provide for staff, parents and visitors to the school. Staff, parents and visitors should not rely on the on-street car parking on King Street when accessing the school. Parking is provided at the back of the school accessed via Prince Lane. 


Parents are not to leave children unattended in either of the car parking spaces at the rear of the school. Upon arrival at school, parents must walk with their child in through the back gate leading from the car parking areas. 

In addition there The Small School has a dedicated bus stop on King Street. Positioned about 20 metres east of the school building, near the entrance to Factory Lane (see map). The bus stop is visible from the school gate. Upon enrolment and at the beginning of each school year, the School Manager or delegate will provide parents with information about the bus transport which is available to students of The Small School.

A staff member will meet the buses at the bus stop and walk children to and from the bus stop. A staff member will wait for buses in the morning at the designated Waiting Area in the front garden. Children will also wait here in the afternoons with a staff member while waiting for their bus.

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