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Adding Year 7 in 2022!

The Small School will deliver its Year 7 program in 2022.


The Small School (TSS) is building a progressive, forward-thinking high school in Murwillumbah that will provide students with a rich and rigorous education. TSS is currently providing a learning program at a primary level which is challenging and highly differentiated for students’ individual needs. In line with the school’s educational philosophy and learning program, TSS will expand into secondary school as a registered rather than an accredited secondary school. This means that while we will be providing a rich and challenging learning program, which is registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), our students will develop alternative pathways to higher education, outside of the Year 10 RoSA and Year 12 HSC. Proceeding as a registered rather than an accredited high school will allow us to continue with our unique educational philosophy.

TSS will continue to use evidence-based approaches that support and inspire students to realise their full potential, including high academic and all-round growth. As for primary school, TSS in the secondary years will deliver a robust democratic learning program that:

- is responsive to the student;

- integrates subject areas;

- includes real life learning and a future focus;

- offers combined age groups;

- engages students in their learning decisions;

- provides greater opportunities for deep learning and project-based study;

- has more scope for individualised learning with a focus on portfolio-based assessment, allowing students to follow their interests;

- supports the development and application of a wide range of skills; and

- is highly supportive of the student’s wellbeing, healthy relationships and connection with each other and with the environment.

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