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Message from the Principal

Updated: Jun 21


The Small School is moving into the senior years of high school and we are offering a new way of doing senior secondary school in our region. Education is and should be changing. We are providing young people with an alternative to high-stress, standardised testing, which we know is unreflective of who they are, what they want and what the world around them needs. Our senior program will offer personalised learning pathways and a Graduation Portfolio, which will support students to transition to university, TAFE, employment and entrepreneurship.

The learning journey is difficult. To succeed requires capacity, grit and trust in the people in leadership. Our democratic learning environment is structured, carefully held, and offers strong adult leadership and guidance. Our staff have a genuine interest in the rights of young people to be seen and respected for who they are, and we consider young people to be worthy participants in their learning environment.

As kind, respectful and non-judgemental professionals, in turn, we hold similar high expectations about students’ behaviour. Our school culture demands that no student’s right to learn or their emotional wellbeing is disadvantaged. We expect buy-in to our behavioural agreements with students, which include a preparedness to learn and participate, to not hinder another student’s ability to learn or participate, nor to affect anyone’s wellbeing through unwanted judgements or unkindness.

We want to prepare young people to enter the world with confidence in their abilities as learners, and as creative and critical thinkers who have agency, and who are prepared and hopeful about engaging with a rapidly changing world.

We will be offering:

  • Tailored and personalised learning pathways to university, TAFE, employment and entrepreneurship

  • A Senior Graduation Portfolio – genuine assessment aimed at developing a student’s lifelong learning potential, not just meeting data milestones

  • Elective choices from NESA, TAFE and Distance Education subjects

  • Small classes and a meaningful, caring learning environment.

Enrolment will suit sparky, engaged young people who want to learn about their passion, in a way that suits their learning needs and in a learning environment that respects who they are, as well as how and what they want to learn.

If you are interested, call us for an application form and an interview – interviews will be from June 24th 2024. We have limited enrolments available Term 3 2024: a small number of places are available in our Year 8/9 class.

Our expression of interest form can be found here.


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